Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Stuff Works Video
While the Annenberg videos (see below) are up to 30 minutes long, these 609 (yes, 609 with a search engine to help you find everything) are generally very short. To cite one example, next week my students will be looking at Thomas Jefferson, so I typed that in the search engine and found American Presidents: Thomas Jefferson Time: 03:58, The Real Thomas Jefferson: Monticello Time: 01:23, The Real Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson Returns To The US Time: 02:50, America Under Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson Takes Charge Time: 01:35, The Real Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson Goes To France Time: 00:55, The Real Thomas Jefferson: Program Introduction Time: 02:06, The Real Thomas Jefferson: Complex And Contradictory Time: 26:00, America Under Thomas Jefferson: 1800 To 1808 Time: 15:02, America Under Thomas Jefferson: Video Quiz Time: 01:00 and America Under Thomas Jefferson: The US In 1800 Time: 01:52. The only negative is that you have to watch a 30 second promo clip, but the actual videos are made from pictures, current video, period music, maps and more. (photo from

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