Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Google Earth Example

Tomorrow I am doing a presentation for some of my best posts and one I want to include is how to do Google Earth. I am going to use it this year for the American Revolution and the Civil War so my students will be able to locate key events, tag them and then write about them. Soon I will post a how to video that also shows how to embed it (as I have done above, although you are better off clicking here to better see the entire map and all the links) and to record and save the video on it. On the embedded one above click on one of my markers and then you can click on the "focus" link for a closer link.

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Kevin Kleespies said...

Your use of google earth in classroom is great. I have been using Google earth in my classroom for the past two years. I have had difficulty with students really grasping geography until I received the technology in my classroom to use this great resource in my class. What you have shown me is excellent and I can wait to include this in my lessons. Thank you