Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twenty-One Interesting Ways to Use Audio in the Classroom
Perhaps the coolest thing about the above PowerPoint is that it just appeared on my Google Docs page as I was added as a collaborator. It was made by Tom Barnett whose blog is here. I have been using Google Docs this fall for my students group projects and love it. I even am going to try having students turn in some of their work this way as I am becoming frustrated by the clunkiness of Blackboard's way of turning in assignments. I'll do more on it later, but for now the twenty-one ways include podcasts with audacity, musical timers, recording projects in both audio and video and most importantly it includes all of the links for each idea.


GPS Jammer said...

I must appreciate the hard work you have put in developing this blog. Your blog is very nice and informative. Many thanks for sharing Interesting ways. Technology has definitely changed the way we live.

Constitution Day Lesson Plans said...

Great blog entry. This will be perfect to use for my Constitution Day lesson plan. I can reenact the signing of the constitution with students in my class. I can also read the constitution and pause the audio in order to explain. Great stuff! Thank you.