Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too Late to Apologize
This is actually a catchy tune talking about why the US declared independence from England.  It does cover many important points and perhaps you can use it as a staging ground for your own students to write their songs. I got it from a tweet from "nathanwelborne."


Mike said...

I saw this too, but wonder after watching it, whose supposedly apologizing? The song I think would make a young viewer think England was trying to apologize. Or, is it really saying it's too late for the colonies to apologize?

Keith Hughes said...

thanks for sharing.

I have a series of video lectures up for my classes, they are bit short and quirky but they seem to help the kiddies wrap their heads around concepts.

feel free to check them out and thanks for hosting this site.

Mr. O said...

Awesome video! Too bad we are past this point, though I might show it this year anyway. My students love this song (original by Timbaland found here:

Keep it coming!

Steve Orton
Schoo Middle School