Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review Sites
As we head toward the AP exam and state ones, here are some sites to help your students.
Outlines & Online Texts
REA OutlineOnline textbook that has a great search engine if kids need to look something up
Outline of US history by presidentPrinceton Review: tests for each unit (5 stemmed geared towards AP)
SparkNotes - outlines, summaries, review questions, and more
WikinotesWikibookQuizzes (all of these except the Regents can be done on the computer and receive feedback)
AP History QuizzesAP Study Notes - complete test
Brinkley's (Alan) American History - 4 stemmed questions for every chapter of US history
Course Notes Quizzes
McDougal Littell - you have to click on your state and then the book you want and then on the appropriate chapter and then on "chapter quizzes."
Glencoe - go to "chapter activities" at the bottom of the page and then to "self-check quizzes." Then click on a chapter and get to work!
Norton (AP) - Quizzes are here.
Regents Exams Pearson Longman - Quizzes can be found chapter by chapter
SOL (VA state exam). While these are geared for the VA US exam, they should work for any non-AP class.
SparkNotes - outlines, summaries, review questions and more
Teacher Made QuestionsTeacher Made Questions - these are for the VA end of the year tests
Teacher Made Questions (more of them) - for the VA end of the year tests
Texas Questions

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