Saturday, September 18, 2010

Facebook and Twitter
Right now I am struggling to find a way (pls. leave a post if you know how) to make Facebook acceptable to use in the classroom. There is Edmodo (read earlier post) that looks exactly like Facebook, but then the kids have to look at it and they are ALWAYS on Facebook. I have figured out that I can create a new organization in Facebook and then the kids can see my posts, but then I could also see their sites, which I don't want to be able to do. In the meantime I have found this post which allows one to post items from Twitter directly onto someone's wall. So the kids could sign up for your school Twitter feed and see it as a "status update" on their site. The problem would be that all of your kids couldn't ask everyone in the class questions (as they could in a Facebook organization) and therefore while it would be a great way to reach the kids, it wouldn't let them work together to answer their own questions. Thoughts on solving my dilemma would be much appreciated as a post or e-mail (


Anonymous said...

Can you please clarify your constraints? In my school, Facebook itself is out, but closed alternatives such as a Ning might be okay. Is everything fair game for you and you just want the least distracting arrangement?

Ken Halla said...

I like Facebook as the students are already there and it would mean ending e-mails (which they never look at). Really I'd like to have a Facebook organization where I could see on my wall what people write in the class organization, but the students and I could not see each other's personal pages.

Hazel said...

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