Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comments in Google Docs

Almost all of my AP students now submit their essays to me via Googel Docs.  I love it because since they now are using the platform for a number of their assignments in school, they look to see when I have graded the assignment (which is easy since it bolds the title in their portfolio) and really take the time to look at my comments (which has not always been the case in the past).  But now as you can see from the video above the teacher (or the collaborator) can leave a comment and another person can respond (or more if there are several people working together on a group project) and then the comments can be deleted when the issue has been resolved.  For me this is an ideal way to improve a students' writing ability. 


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what makes you think students read your comments on Google docs more carefully. And are you comparing to another digital format or hard copy? I found students are more likely to read hard copy than digital comments so I wonder about the details of the situation you describe. Thanks.

Ken Halla said...

Most of my AP students have a Google Docs folder set up and do all of their assignments there. I am just guessing on why they like the format for comments better, but the reasons would include a) the document is bolded so they know I have graded it b) my handwriting is terrible so they like it when I type comments c) they just plain prefer digital anything over written ones. Really it seems to be a journey each year as I show them lots of digital items (one of my kids just started reading digital books and swears he will never go back).