Sunday, September 25, 2011

Online Maps for Your US Class

This fall one of the new (albeit experienced) teachers in our department came to me asking for some new maps.  I told him to here (among other places) to get his US maps (physical, expansion, political, etc.  Since we all have a LCD, I figured it was reasonable to save the $ and use the free ones online!  By the way different people (depending if you have a cookie for the site) will see different things on this link.  You may have to input your state and grade and then look for the book titled The Americans.  When you get to the ancillaries' page you will see much more than maps as there are quizzes, reviews, etc. 


Solomon Rose said...

The maps at ClassZone are decent, but a better map source is the Perry-Castaneda map collection at UTexas' library:
Since these maps are mostly uncopyrighted, it's a library, and I'm a teacher, I conclude that this falls under fair-use.

US State Info and Maps said...

You can go to the URL in the name/title here for various state maps and state information as well.