Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tweeting the American Revolution

Most kids now know about Twitter as they like to use it to communicate with their friends.  Well one of the teachers in my department is using that fact to her advantage.  She found out about FakeTweetBuilder which allows the kids to create characters, add images and Tweet what they would have said.  So you could take an historical figure and have them Tweeting back and forth with someone else.  The nicest thing is that there is not login, password or e-mail needed to do the exercise and at the end you have a url to send the teacher.  Here are some great directions she wrote up to help out her students - and you.  The one limitation is that you can only do six Tweets per time, but you could have your kids each do it twice.  Here is actually a very nice site that has built its own historical examples which you could show your students before asking them to do the project. 

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