Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Download Everything At Once in Google Docs

This year my county has introduced Google Apps, but due to our interpretation of COPPA, we are not letting our students (and since they can not be separated out, our teachers & administrators) share with someone outside of our domain.  If you have the same issue where you teach, it might be a concern for students who are graduating or leaving your school system.  Well a bunch of engineers at Google have a site explaining how to download any of their products in batch download.  Here is how you can do it for Google Docs.  Then, of course, you could tell your students (or fellow teacher) to turn around and re-upload it in a free Google Docs, so they take it with them to their next school. 


PatWalters said...

Hey my name is Pat Walters and I am a student at Illinois State University. My plan is to become a History teacher after college. One of the requirements is to blog on a website. I have to explain why telecommunications would be beneficial to teaching and how I can use it to help teach my future students. A response will be awesome.

Ken Halla said...

This website has forced me to learn great innovations that have allowed me to have my students (in a public school) be 100% digital using their laptops, phones, tablets, etc. It has connected me w. teachers I will never meet and allowed me to reach other educators who are trying to move their classrooms into the 21st century. With over 15,000 hits a month I feel as if this blog is helping students in many places learn better.