Saturday, February 4, 2012

Writing History

There are many reasons why I love teaching in my department. One of them enjoys telling his students that history is just a story and he is constantly finding stories to prove his point.  Well he and I have been struggling how to get his AP US and my AP Gov students together after the AP exam (as we did last year).  Now I am thinking he would be better served having his students find some interesting history in their own lives or in the school.  For example the father of one of my students who graduated two years ago (see above) advises Obama every day on national security (the picture is just three days old).  What sparked my thought is this wonderful NPR story that just aired where a student writer at Brown University unearthed a college newspaper story from 1961 when 19 year old Richard Holbrook moderated a speech that Malcolm X made on campus.  The story was both in how he came to speak at Brown and what he spoke about.  Needless to say whatever our students do it will be completely digital and include several mediums. 

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