Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Digital Essential for your Mobile Backpack

If you search this site for Remind101 you will see that I am fairly obsessed with it as kids today do not use e-mail so this is the way to reach them.  You can create a section for each class and for as many classes as you have you will get a code that students and their parents can use to sign up for a 140 character reminder about any homework you might have for your students.  You can set the time, day, etc. so you can do it during the school day and send it go out later.  If you use tinyurl, you can also shorten urls that you want your students to have via a text.  Finally I like that the teacher cannot see the cell phone numbers and you can keep a record of all of the messages you have sent out.  If you want to load it onto your mobile devices, go here and here for a how to video.

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