Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Original Star Trek T.V. Series: A Window into History and Culture

Yes!!! You CAN learn MUCH from Kirk and Spock

The original Star Trek series is NOT just for geeks, as  it can be used to investigate diverse historical and societal issues. Various episodes can serve as a fun way to increase student engagement with content relevant to their learning. This series aired from 1966-1969, so many of the issues we study today as historical were current when the episodes mentioned below aired.

Through this hokey  little old TV show you can see many unique features: A Multi-racial crew when the Civil Rights struggle was still quite hot; an International crew comprised of nations then locked in high stakes Cold War brinkmanship; the first scripted interracial kiss on network TV; and concern for the forgotten populations of society.

Some of the topics addressed include: The horror of war driving a move to antiseptic conflict, Genetic Engineering, Biological Warfare, The Great Depression, 1920's Chicago Gangs, Unchecked Arms Race, Proxy Warfare, 1960's Counter-culture, International Espionage, as well as many others.

For a more complete list and episode guide open THIS document. It has links to videos of the relevant episodes hosted by CBS TV.
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