Sunday, January 6, 2013

History of the Swastika

As a child I remember my great-grandfather's original edition of the Rudyard Kipling's books.  In the beginning of each book (published before WWI) that there appeared to be a symbol that looked very much like a swastika.  Knowing the German symbol from school made me wonder why it was in my books until I learned that the books predated Hitler's Germany.

So seeing George's post below, I think it is interested to consider its history originating as a symbol of peace from India.  But is has been used all over (see the Byzantine church mosaic below).  It was even used by the Coco Cola company (below) and by the Boy Scouts (above).  While the current form of the swastika is rightfully reviled, it is a good example for students of how one person can take a good symbol and make it bad.

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