Thursday, May 30, 2013

Digital (US) History - Free Textbook & Resources

The Digital History page is awesome and proof that you can sometimes get away with even purchasing a history textbook if you are willing to do a little leg work.  Look above at the richness of the choices from a textbook which you can see above from the blue links to primary documents, events, people, multimedia and so much more.   This site has really improved in the last few years since it first appeared.  Also for those of you who might be preparing your students for a state end of the year test, you could easily use this resource to differentiate the learning amongst your students. 

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Micah said...

Speaking of free digital US History, here is a web page I thought might be helpful Why is America Free: Insight from the Founders and other great Americans in '41 Things Every Citizen Should Know." is a great free resource rich with media, source material, and a cool timeline, plus a built in app students can use to memorize historical pieces if they so desire.