Friday, June 21, 2013

Rethinking Research - Intro

For the past two years my English partner and I have partnered with the Newseum in Washington, DC in an attempt to give our students a new research paper experience.  Over the course of the year students research topics of their choice related to media coverage of 20th century history and write a research paper, but the work does not there.  From there each student gives a sales pitch on how their topic could be made into engaging online content.  The Newseum chooses the best 4 pitches and papers.  Finally the students create online content for the Newseum website.  Here is a short video by the Newseum featuring our project.  

As nearly every Museum in the county has a website, but very few of them have the time and resources to create engaging content, utilizing our students to create content is one way to rethink research.  This a project that engaged our students and the website creation was a great way to use the post-AP exam days to keep the students engaged.

Over the next 4 days I will feature the 2012-2013 Projects.  Each will be entitled - "Rethinking Research" 

Please feel free to use them in your classroom for webquest or student research.  You can give feedback to me on ways these sites can be improved to meet your students' needs or if you would a copy of the project outline.  Email with questions or requests.  

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