Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Civil War Animated Timelines

This series of animated timelines is fantastic.  It has both audio as well as pictures and even reenactments for each of the major parts of the US Civil War.  At the bottom it has a timeline so you can see the date and the title of the animation.  It is put out by the Civil War Trust.  I found it on FreeTech4Techers


Josh Oltmanns said...

What a great site for your students to see the battle plans, formations and techniques used during the intense battles of the Civil War. My 8th grade class will benefit from this site. Thanks for sharing.

Eric Merryman said...

Hello, I am Eric Merryman, I attend the University of South Alabama in the class EDM310 and my class blog is . I just wanted to say that many students, like myself, visual aids help and I know it was hard for me to visualize a lot of the Civil War battles in school, if we had visual aids like this in my classroom, it would of been a lot easier to understand. Good stuff.