Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flipped Videos

Soon I am doing an in-service on flipping for the social studies teachers in my county (which I will post later).  For now if you want to have flipped videos for US history above are two versions from the French and Indian War, one from John Green and the other from Hip Hughes.  Green is the award winning tween author and Hughes teaches in Buffalo.  

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Ryan Mussack said...

I run a flipped classroom for my US and World History classes. I've tried using the Crash Course videos- thank you for the introduction to Hip Hughes. Do you think the videos move a little fast or might be over some kids heads? I've used Crash Course for AP, but for my regular ed. classes they seemed to move too fast and some kids stated that the videos were too fast and sort of made them feel "dumb." I had to make my own videos, which aren't as entertaining or creative, but worked pretty well. Thanks!