Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lesson Planning and the US Constitution

If you are putting together a lesson plan on the making of the Constitution, above is a short TedX video with great visuals that is only four minutes.

You might want to use the Prezi below to go through the major points.

Or you might like to use this interactive Constitution and then quiz the kids using this site.

Any way you do it, isn't it better to have the kids doing the work?!


Marcus Thomas said...

Hi Ken, I really enjoyed the TEDED video that talked about the Declaration of Independence. This video made me think about aspects of this document I had never thought about before. Especially the thought of how the delegates attending had to endure the summer heat and humidity in those heavy, head to toe, garbs of their time. As a history/secondary education major; I feel this would be a great video to share with my students day. Thanks for sharing! Marcus Thomas

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