Friday, November 14, 2014

Flipping with John Green

If you are a middle school teacher (two of my own children are seventh graders) you know that John Green is one of the most prolific early teenager authors.  But he also has a prolific flipped video series with his brother, that are extremely well produced and packed with lots of facts.  If anything, they have too many and move a bit too quickly.   But here are forty-eight US history videos that are either a good intro (think about the main points that I blogged about a few days ago) or a review.  


Callie Thames said...

Hello, my name is Callie an I am a student in EDM 310 at The University of South Alabama, where I am a History Education major. I thoroughly enjoyed this video because it gave a brief description of what the Native Americans were put through by the Spanish people. This video was very detailed but not detailed enough to be overwhelming to someone who was trying to learn something. It was refreshing to watch something that was put together well, and on a topic I myself find interesting as well.

Brittney Henderson said...

Hi, my name is Brittney Henderson I am a student at the University of South Alabama, I'm currently studying to be a history teacher! I really enjoyed watching your video! Students would most definitely be engaged while viewing this video. Also they would learn a lot of important facts about the Native Americans and Spanish! I will definitely being visiting your blog for ideas on my future classroom!