Friday, December 26, 2014

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Your Flipped Classroom

Here's an excellent TedEd talk on the slave trade and its impact on Africa. Thanks to F.C. Tymrak for tweeting the link.  This was posted on my World History Teachers' blog by George Coe.  If you are using it as part of a flipped class, I would suggest you ask some important questions as students watch such as: 1) where did the slaves in the Americas come from 2) what products did they grow in the Americas 3) how did slave trading change the culture of Western Africa.  In class you could have students draw the triangle of trade with the products and the areas of the world labeled on it.  You could also have the kids search for images of slaves on trade ships.  For a class/group discussion, you could ask the kids the short and long term effects of the slave trade on the US and the Caribbean.

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