Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Great Depression & Taking Notes from a Video

Right about now you should have gotten to the Great Depression (if you are teaching AP).   We are having a discussion in my county about the amount of work we give our students (mostly AP ones). First off we all must agree that most textbooks are written in a rather boring fashion and no wonder some kids don't like history.

Learning from videos works for them as it adds different ways of learning (visual, audio, etc.) and is more engaging to our students.  But they still have to organize something from it.  So if you look at the top video, you can see a CrashCourse video on the Great Depression while on the bottom I show my students (on a government film) how to take notes.   The correct videos cover the main points and give the teacher time to add supplementary material to go in more depth or to bring history alive with primary documents.

If you use Screencastomatic, you can make your own video on how to do this as well.  Below is a video that shows you how.  

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