Sunday, May 3, 2015

Study Aide for US History

One of my side projects, if you follow this blog, is with ContextU.  ContextU is a great way for your students to prepare for their state exams in US history as we have pretty much every piece of essential knowledge your students need from Colonial US all the way up until imperialism (and will have the complete course done before you start summer school).

ContextU is a superior methodology for your students as it

  • has every item (we call them nodes) on your essential knowledge in 150 words 
  • shows each node on a timeline so students can see what else was going on at the same time
  • what the item's location on a map
  • shows the node's relation to other like groups
  • shows the both the influence and the impact of each node.
Here is an example for George Washington.  

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