Monday, April 18, 2016

Quizlet ups its game

Quizlet, the popular online review app, now has a live version for whole classroom use.  It's called Quizlet Live and you can learn about it here.

It's team-based and competitive, which will certainly increase student engagement.  One feature I really liked: Just like the Chutes and Ladders review activity I did for my AP US History students and that I blogged about recently, Quizlet Live has a feature that resets student scores to zero if they get an incorrect answer.  That promotes reasoned deliberation before answering a question.  The game gives feedback to teachers that helps them identify the areas and topics that were most challenging to students, so that teachers can develop appropriate remediation strategies.

You can get additional information about Quizlet Live by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I use Quizlet for all of my History vocab-thanks for the update!

Gary said...

The question of how to add a resume on Linkedin should be added to the quiz. As Weasel subtly notices in Deadpool 2: to build a superhero team, you just need to check out the resumes on Linkedin. So every student needs to know how to create a resume at Linkedin. After all, this resource offers convenient tools and an excellent opportunity for a career start.

Students of History said...

Quizlet Live is so much fun for reviewing! I added Quizlet vocabulary sets for Civics, World, & US History here in my social studies resources!