Friday, October 21, 2016

Incorporating Geography and 

Economics in Your History Lessons

Washington Post Article on U.S. Foreign Assistance

I saw an article on in the Washington Post this week providing a set of cartograms highlighting the spending by the U.S. on foreign assistance.  I love incorporating cartograms periodically with my students; it's a great geography skill to review or teach, and it really allows them to visualize quantitative information in a different way.  This article also allows you to incorporate some discussion of macroeconomics principles.  There's definitely plenty of material for group discussions and debates.  


Anonymous said...

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Cheryl Abernathy said...

Great info. I'll have to try that. History bores my students most of the time, so I try to create games to increase engagement. I think some visual approaches as this would help too, not to mention aide as a geography lesson. Thanks for sharing.:)

TalkPolite said...

This is really important to include in history classes. I really hated learning Geography but I had one teacher who always gave Geography tests in his college level coursework. We would moan and groan about it but it was embarrassing how bad we are at it. He would give quizzes on the United States that students would fail!

Econ is another problem area that students MAYBE get one semester on. I was lucky enough to have an econ teacher that let us create budgets and learn social skills that we would use later in life. But I know this is not the case, and hopefully raising awareness through posts like this will go a long way to fixing that!

Anonymous said...

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Carol D. Angeles said...

Games... hm.. That sounds like something interesting. Way more than just reading history for students or telling them to write it down. You gave me a perfect idea what to do. Thank you! :)

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