Saturday, March 28, 2009

The name is catchy and its uses are wonderful. Every year my school's tech people reimage my computer and until last year that meant losing my bookmarks. For some of you that would mean saving them on google. But the advantages of are numerous: 1)You can access your bookmarks from any computer anywhere in the world 2)Each site you save says how many other people have saved the same site. If you click on the number of people you can go to the other people's delicious sites. When people ask me how do I find new online resources, this is one of the ways. 3) If you are like me and want can't remember all of your login codes for the various sites you visit, delicious allows one to lock the site so that no one else can see it and even gives you a notes section for you to store whatever you want (your login, for ex). If you look at the entry below this one, I found it using delicious!

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