Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Regulars are Coming
I'm sitting here reading Sam Adams: A Life on my Kindle2 (which, if it matters, I love) and am a bit inspired as I just finished the story about Lexington & Concord. I like the book because it, again and again, shows what I tell my students - that is history is not so nice and neat. For example, as Stoll shows, there were other conflicts (albeit more minor) between the two sides before April 1775. But also we tend to pass on myths such as Revere saying "The British are coming." As Stoll and David Hackett Fisher in Paul Revere's Ride points out, why would he if we were all BRITISH. As this blog very nicely explains, he said, "The REGULARS are coming. All of which leads me to the video above. Is our history sometimes driven by our culture. Sorry to get so deep, if you don't want to read these books, show the film above to your kids to lighten the lesson plan or use any of these when you are teaching - but be sure to get all the facts (the cartoon says "the British") correct - or at least your view of them!

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