Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Howard Zinn's A People History of the US
Here is the entire history of the US as written by Howard Zinn (pictured above).


Anonymous said...

I think this book has value if you use it as an alternative view, but not as a main source. Howard seems to think that America is about beating down the little guy. His view on reconstruction makes the three amendments, freedmens bureau, etc. into ways to hold people down and not lift them up. There are so many examples of this perspective. Howard Vision is not mainstream History. But--very valuable to place side by side with legit sources.

jeremy.perron said...

I am not really a Zinn fan. Zinn is so far left how do you balance him? It is not with a regular American history book because it hasn't been that Whigish in the last forty years. If anything they now seem to have so much information that it becomes difficult to sort. The only way you can provide balance is by grabing some far right book from the likes of Anne Coulter and I would rather not.

日月神教-向左使 said...