Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Suggestion on 1862 & Lincoln

One of the many perks of doing a blog is that publishers send you books to read and right now I am getting some great ones.  For example this summer I was sent The Graves are Walking (which was highlighted this week in the NYTimes) and is about living in Ireland during the potato famine.  My favorite recent book, though, is the one pictured above which gives a very detailed account of Lincoln's view of 1862.  The details are extraordinary starting with what it was like to live in DC and the conflict between McClellan and Lincoln (even at the beginning of the war the former refused to more more than at a snail's pace). I almost think the original title of "1862, Abraham Lincoln and the Making of America," is a more apt description of the contents, but nonetheless it is a great read. 

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