Monday, October 8, 2012

Cuban Missile Crisis Interactive

One of the reasons I set up this blog was to get people to e-mail me sites they believe will help students in the classroom.  One of my regular contributors to this cause is Joe Phelan over at EDSitement which is a NEH group that helps teachers in the classroom.  Well to go w. the video below on the Cuban Missile Crisis, they have an interactive which lets students make decision and   lean more about the event.  For example the picture above (on their site) lets you mouse over the people and see who the key players are and what they believed about the crisis.   Obviously interactives are a great way to learn something so check out this one on the crisis or their site in general. 

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Tom G said...

As a history teacher under the age of 40, I view this interactive on the Cuban Missile Crisis as very beneficial to the classroom. Someone who was alive and able to remember the events would easily be able to discuss them with a class, however, this type of interactive activity makes it easy for the teacher to show what exactly took place as well as other details.