Monday, February 11, 2013

QR Code for Bio or Contact Information

Today I am presenting to my county's social studies chairs on QR (quick read) codes.  You probably have seen then all over.   To generate a QR code simply enter your page (Google Drive or web) here. There are many different QR readers, but here is one for Android and iPhone

The logical next question is what should they be used for?  Well while many of my students sign up for Remind101 for their homework, others like to have a QR scanner instead.  If you scan the square above, you will see that it goes to one of my homework sheets in Google Drive.  I always put the newest homework at the top so that the student does not have to scroll down using his/her phone.

I also have a QR code in my school Outlook signature.  Here and here are two ways you can do that.

Another use would be to hang the QR code right outside of your classroom (say for back to school night).  If you have created it for an Outlook contact, then parents could scan it using their phone and would now have your e-mail/phone number.  If you are so inclined my "vCard" information is on the QR code below.
Here is what I hang in my class which has all three of my preps as well as my bio and contact information. 

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