Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teaching with the e-book American Vision

The best part about being a department chair is helping to hire great teachers.  Five years ago my assistant principal and I hired a super brand new teacher - on her birthday, nonetheless! That teacher, Janet Babic, has already taught four preps in three subjects and been amazingly innovative including one of my favorites of teaching the 60s to the present through popular television shows.  Needless to say she is also a tech wizard and has become our county's (12th largest in the US) American Vision e-book expert.  Tomorrow she is teaching an in-service to other US history teachers.  If you use the book, you might want to use Janet's resources.
  • Before teaching with an e-book, you'll want to teach your students how to split their computer screen so they can see the online resources and do your work. 
  • If you have never had your students use an e-book, you will first want to start with the scavenger hunt
  • Here is her Learn model teaching on how to not only incorporate the e-book, but also many of its ancillaries 
  • Here are all the videos that go with the e-book (look at the drop down menu in the upper right).
  • Above is a how to video Janet made to better know how to use the many extras on the e-book.   
  • For the people in Janet's in-service go here to put your lesson plans (and everyone else will be able to see them Wednesday evening. 
  • Finally here is a folder of Janet's with several other goodies. 

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