Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flipping the Class Presentation

Tomorrow I am doing a presentation for my county on flipping the classroom.  If you can make it it will be at the Leis Center at 1-3:30.  For those of you who can't here is what we will be doing.

  1. What will be taught:  We will learn how to record lectures for students to watch at home, how students can be accountable for that information and how to flip one’s classroom to do the “problem sets” in the classroom.
  2. Tutorial steps that will be finished in the class (each underlined item is linked to a tutorial)
    1. will learn  how to use Screencastomatic to learn how to record a ten minute lecture
    2. will discuss what can be done in the classroom
    3. will learn how class activities can be put on a Google Drive document and linked into Blackboard
    4. How to create a question sheet with embedded video. 
    5. learn how to split the laptop screen so students can see the video and their notes or you could use VideoNot.es (tutorial)
    6. If you accumulate lots of videos, here is how you create a youTube Playlist 


John McPeek said...

Ken,thank you for putting up the slideshow that you used for your presentation. This will be very helpful to me. I wish that I lived where it is that you do as I would have liked to have seen the presentation in person. Flipping the classroom is a new way of teaching that I am not familiar with. I am currently a Junior in college and I am majoring in History/ Secondary Education and this post will be helpful to me.

Ken Halla said...

I'm doing another one in a few weeks if you are close to DC.