Thursday, February 20, 2014

Split Screen

We have a paper shortage in my school!  Yes I know that sounds funny from me, but we also have a laptop shortage as not every teacher has as many as we want for our students.   So one of my jobs has been to try to figure out how to conserve paper so this video is one thing I have shared with my department as it allows you to copy one browser to another without printing! 

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Ben Mayfield said...

This can be a very useful tool while multitasking and creating documents for the class room. I can also see how this can save a substantial amount of time simply by not having to click back and forth to look at different web pages and then enter them in your notes. My only question is can you split the screen the same way on a mac? I know that you can switch pages quickly with a swipe of your fingers on the track pad, but can you split the page on the same screen? Thank you for sharing this quick instructional video on how to split the screen and save paper.