Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apollo 11 Landing at 45 Years

Forty-five years and one day ago my brother ate my wind-up teddy bear key and had to go to the hospital! Since we had just moved to Iran, we had no television, so my father took my brother to the hospital and the next day they got to watch the lunar landing while I sat sadly with my non functioning bear!  All three of the Apollo 11 astronauts came later in the year to Tehran where my father got me an autographed photo of all three of them.

But enough of the background.  Above is a great video showing the Saturn V rocket taking off, the landing of the lunar module and the first step of Armstrong.  By the way there are only two pictures of him on the moon as Aldrin was so mad at not being selected to be first that he refused to take many shots of Armstrong.  Thus most of the photos we have on the moon are of Aldrin such the iconic one below.

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