Monday, February 9, 2015

Flip Your AP US History Class (A Complete Set of Videos)

So I suppose there our students need to read the textbook since we did as well and others who feel that they should be able to outline textbooks.  But if we are preparing students for a life beyond school shouldn't the dull reading of most textbooks be tossed out and instead working on document analysis, compare/contrast, change over time, etc. be the focus.  As one of the APUSH teachers in my department today said, as long as the work is done, the material learned, does it really matter if the learning comes from a video, a textbook, or another resource.

To help you in flipping your class "Jocz" productions has made a series of APUSH videos which he toots as a review (and certainly could be if you still want the kids to read the textbook).  Each is about fifteen minutes long and he covers the entire course.  If it matters, Jocz uses American Pageant.

I have also posted on Jocz' three videos that you will want to see as you adopt your students to the new re-write of APUSH.  

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing