Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Newspaper Editorial

I have been seeing a lot of negative editorials recently on technology use in the classroom and, not being a shy person, I wrote one and with the help of the Smarter Schools Project it was published today in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  As with many states, Virginia (where I live) has been grappling, in our legislature (as has our Congress), to protect students, often at the cost of using technology.  While it is a fine balance, my thoughts are printed here in full.  About the only thing missing is that I wish a start-up would develop to vet our burgeoning ed tech needs.   


Brandi Wescovich said...

Hi, Mr. Halla, my name is Brandi Wescovich. I am a student at the University of South Alabama, and I am currently enrolled in the EDM 310 course here. I am in the Elementary Education Program and I loved reading about your view on technology in the classroom. We are learning that it is great to use technology in the classroom. I believe that students should be subjected to technology in the classroom; it gives them experience to build on when they end their formal school career. Teachers are the ones who need to teach students how to be safe on the internet. I would defiantly recommend future teachers to read this blog post.

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