Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BrainRush is back online!

It's okay, we can exhale.  BrainRush, the adaptive learning site, is back online.  

I've blogged about BrainRush previously, and why it's my favorite online study and review platform.   BrainRush lets you create four different types of activities: matching (like for vocabulary flash cards), buckets (for sorting), chronologies (for sequencing), or hot spots (for labeling a diagram or map).  BrainRush practices with the students until they achieve mastery.

There are two things that make BrainRush so special.  First, questions get progressively more challenging, so it really does help students demonstrate mastery.  Second, the BrainRush questions adapt to each individual student's level of knowledge.  If a student answers incorrectly, then the student is given additional guided practice for that fact.

BrainRush activities are easy to create.  And now that it's back online, I'll be creating more activities for my students right away.


Chris Raymond said...

Great find. Thank you!

Jeff Feinstein said...

Thank you for this comment! So glad that you liked reading about BrainRush. Follow me on Twitter [@APHxTeacher] and I'll have other terrific resources to share. Also: Write me at hxblog431@gmail.com and let me know what *you're* doing. I'm always eager to learn innovative and creative teachers!