Sunday, February 21, 2016

The best videos on the Great Depression

The FDR Presidential Library has a set of 14 short videos (shortest: 2:19; longest: 3:29) discussing different aspects of the Great Depression.  The playlist is called Teachable Moments: The New Deal, and it is the best single video resource to use with your students.  Here is the introductory video:

And here is a list of the other 13 titles in this series:
  1. What caused the Great Depression?
  2. The Promise of Change
  3. Worsening Crisis
  4. Emergency Legislation: The Bank Holiday
  5. The First 100 Days
  6. Reaching the People
  7. Social Security
  8. Jobs and Relief
  9. Labor Reforms
  10. Financial Reforms
  11. Rural Reforms
  12. The Dust Bowl
  13. New Deal Setbacks
Classroom Connections: I'm going to assign my students to watch and take notes on one video on their personal devices.  They will then prepare an infographic with explanatory commentary describing their topic.  We will put the infographics around the classroom and students will participate in a gallery walk.  As students walk through the classroom and discuss their topic, they will tweet what they learned to a common hashtag.

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