Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I found this on It is wonderful as the site, American History in Video, has 4000 videos from very reputable sources. What it does is allow you to make clips. It shows the words on the right side and lets you move easily to any point in the video. I created a clip from a History Channel film on the decision to attack the Hessians in the winter of 1776. You can use the link from the World History Educators site which explains how to upload a video. I would use the clips for my Power Points or to let my students put in clips into their movie maker projects.

I've put a number of video links on this site, so here they are all together - and I will add it as a link on the side of this page as will add to that link as I find more items.

  • Academic Earth - video lectures. Better for you or your AP students
  • Annenberg Videos - lots and lots of great video. Many from PBS and CBS and every topic in US history
  • Hippo Campus - this has a complete US history course (as well as one for AP)
  • HowStuffWorks (US history) Want to know how the cotton gin worked, or something about Jamestown, the Barbary Pirates, and the list goes on.
  • - my personal favorite. 2-3 minute film clips on every aspect of US history from NBC
  • McGraw Hill - short films for every part of the US history course
  • School House Rock - until you go here, you never knew how many existed to reinforce points in a fun way
  • SnagFilms - streams entire movies


K. Freeland said...

I found HippoCampus and iCue earlier this year, but the others I didn't know about. Thanks for posting these great links!

K. Freeland said...

Oh, I also thought I'd point out Google Video. I've found several full-length documentaries (Guns, Germs, and Steel; 500 Nations) there. PBS is also starting to make some of their American Experience episodes available to view online. They have been posting We Shall Remain episodes to their website after they air.

Anonymous said...

Great resources. In a pinch, you'd also be surprised at some of the good stuff you find on YouTube. Just try to wade through the crap to find stuff suitable to your classroom.

Mr. D

Anonymous said...