Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monticello's New Exhibits
One of the many nice things about doing this blog is getting offers to read books, visit places, etc. While I didn't make it to Monticello for their new exhibits, one of the the people in my department, Tim Busch, did. (and here is an article from the 4/4 Wash Post) Here is his blog entry.

I had the privilege of attending Monticello's recently unveiled new, multi-million dollar Visitor's Center- the Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center and Smith Education Center- in Charlottesville, VA. Just as George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon had done a couple years ago, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello has added an extensive, informative and interactive visitor center to the visitor's experience. With the addition of these new facilities, visitors have the opportunity to really experience Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in an exciting and innovative way. As an educator, I found the new center to be full of excellent potential for school groups of all ages. More

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Tim Busch said...

In the study of American History, Monticello now is a vast resource for a greater understanding of Colonial American history, the author of the Declaration of Independence, and our third president. There are four outstanding new exhibitions that guide you in this understanding:

Thomas Jefferson and "the boisterous Sea of Liberty", incorporating 21 flat-panel LCD screens and seven interactive touch screens to illustrate the development and influence of Jefferson's core ideas about liberty. This exhibit draws you in by sight, sound and touch and
Monticello as Experiment: "To Try All Things", explores Jefferson's use of Monticello as a laboratory for his belief that "useful knowledge" could make life more efficient and convenient and lead to the progress of the nation.
Making Monticello: Jefferson's "Essay in Architecture", showcases the architectural origins, constructions and four-decade evolution of the house.
The Words of Thomas Jefferson, an innovative display that brings Jefferson's ideas to "light" through projection and human interaction.

There is also a new and visually rich introductory film which describe's Monticello's importance to Jefferson's life and work. New and expanded classrooms for student workshops and programs are available with many touchable recreations from the home. Finally, the Museum Shop and new Café add the final elements to a well-rounded visit. This is definitely a student (and teacher!)-friendly destination. I can guarantee that a field trip to Monticello will be well worth your effort. The Visitor Center and Smith Education Center opens officially on April 15th, 2009. Visit for more information.