Friday, April 10, 2009

Review for End of Year Tests
The AP exam in in little over 5 weeks and, at least in VA, our state exams come two weeks later. So I am putting together some things to help you help the kids review. I will also add a link on the left side in case you need this later. Please leave messages if you know of others.

Outlines & Online Texts
REA Outline
Online textbook that has a great search engine if kids need to look something up
Outline of US history by president
Princeton Review: tests for each unit (5 stemmed geared towards AP)

Quizzes (all of these except the Regents can be done on the computer and receive feedback)
AP History Quizzes
AP Study Notes - complete test
Brinkley's (Alan) American History - 4 stemmed questions for every chapter of US history
Course Notes Quizzes
McDougal Littell - you have to click on your state and then the book you want and then on the appropriate chapter and then on "chapter quizzes."
Glencoe - go to "chapter activities" at the bottom of the page and then to "self-check quizzes." Then click on a chapter and get to work!
Norton (AP) - Quizzes are here.
Regents Exams
Pearson Longman - Quizzes can be found chapter by chapter
SOL (VA state exam). While these are geared for the VA US exam, they should work for any non-AP class.
Teacher Made Questions
Teacher Made Questions - these are for the VA end of the year tests
Teacher Made Questions (more of them) - for the VA end of the year tests
Texas Questions