Friday, March 30, 2012

Collaborate in Google Docs While in Google+ Hangouts

This video does a great job of going through all of the new parts of Google+ hangouts such as how to edit Google Docs, diagrams and doodles together with others in the hangout.  If you have not heard of "hangouts" it allows you to meet with up to nine other friends in a video chat.  If you have a Google account, you have a Google+ account in which you can go into a hangout.  It can be used to collaborate with colleagues in different locations.  I found out about the video from a G+ post from Jason Mayes who is an engineer for Google. 

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Athar said...

I really don't understand the logic behind this integration since there are many issues when it comes to Google docs just like Google Spreadsheets is online, why doesn’t it go beyond versioning and creating multiple copies of the same data? What if I want to share different filters of the same spreadsheet for others to update and make my life easier?
I would be interested in some alternatives to Google docs and have come across this tool called CollateBox looks promising to me, went through their blog which talks about getting alerts, notification.. Seems interesting..