Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stanford Point of View Site

While I will may not be able to put up every entry for the book (see post below) contest, here is one from Jamie Wilson who described the site called The Stanford History Education Group's "Reading Like a Historian" resources are excellent.  They incorporate documents that present various viewpoints on a given topic and ask students to explore the documents in a way that requires critical reading and thinking.  The site is incredibly teacher and student friendly and one can modify the lessons for AP students or for ones in standard classes.  We all know that students learn best when they interact with the material and this site makes that easy because the documents are right there.   The lesson Jamie's students enjoyed the most is in Unit 7: American Imperialism, titled Philippine War Political Cartoon Lesson Plan.  Jamie;s students were aghast at some of the portrayals of the Filipinos and the documents opened up many conversations about the media and the evolution of our thinking about race. 

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