Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Integrate Google Docs Into The Classroom

Today I am presenting at Lake Braddock High School (Burke, VA) on how to integrate Google Docs into the social studies classroom.  As part of the discussion I will start with the slideshow above.  Can you answer the questions and imagine if so much has happened so recently, how quickly your classroom will be changing in the next few years.  Then I will essentially (live, not on youtube) show how my department and I use Google Docs/Apps and finally we will use this document to have have everyone learn by doing doing for Google Docs/Apps.  

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Unknown said...

That's really great, Teacher's must make sure that the student's start accessing tools such as Google Docs, there are quite few tools which are easier than Google Docs. One such tool I've come across is CollateBox it seems like an powerful tool for online collaboration of data