Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knowledge Graph

Today is the beginning of Google's Knowledge Graph.  Not everyone will see it initially and it is beginning first for those who use English in their searches.  But it is an attempt to better help you find what you are looking for.  Think, especially of when kids look up dictionary words out of context.  Now they will be able to get a frame of reference on the right column, which if they use it, should help them see which definition, event, etc. should be the correct one for which they are searching. Be aware that this search engine is being rolled out slowly and will not work for everyone and even in every search for people in which it is working.  For example, while you can see above and here that it did work for "Abraham Lincoln," it did not work for "Civil War" or even "American Civil War."  The upshot that the first column is what you are looking for and the second, items Google thinks that based on your previous searches you might also be interested in using. 

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