Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinterest and Collaborative Teams

I know that Ken made a post about Penterest a couple of months ago but I've just started using it and love it  as a resource for our teams.  For example, I am developing boards for each unit that we study in World 1.  The one above is for the Middle Ages. I want to pin all the video clips associated with each unit. Once populated, any member of  my World 1 team can easily see all the video clips associated with the unit.  You can also pin charts, graphs, and pictures making the board or boards a great resource for each unit.

It's really easy to pin videos and images. Once you register, and you do that through either Twitter or Facebook, you can drag a "pin it" icon to your tool bar.  Every time you see a video clip or image that you like, you simply click the "pin it" icon on your toolbar and the video or image will appear on your board. The  Middle ages board above  includes a 25 minute clip on the Black Death from the History Channel, a seven minute clip from Sister Wendy about Bernini and Michelangelo, a chart comparing the the Black Death to deaths in WWI and WWII, and a ten minute clip about Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire. I can also annotate every video or image telling the viewer something about the video or image.

Over time, I hope to have a board for Greece,  Rome, Islam, etc.

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Angela Cunningham said...

I know I am a bit late in responding to this post (I haven't had time to look at my Google Reader as the school year wound to a close), but I have been tackling the same project for US History. You can see my Boards here: http://pinterest.com/historylab/