Saturday, September 28, 2013

American Ethnicity Map in 2000

Here's what America's ethnic heritage looked like in 2000. Check it out on the Mail Online.
Here are highlights, which I just copied directly from the Mail Online.

  • Census data shows heritage of 317 million modern Americans 
  • Clusters show where immigrants from different nations chose to settle 
  • Largest ancestry grouping in the nation are of German descent with almost 50 million people 
  • African American or Black is the second largest grouping with just over 40 million people
  • Almost 20 million people claim to have 'American' ancestry for political reasons and because they are unsure of their family's genealogy Read more: 

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Eric Merryman said...

Hello there, I am Eric Merryman in EDM310 attending the University of South Alabama, my class blog is I wanted to say that I like maps such of what you posted, it is neat to find out things, and I never would of thought Utah would be the place that the Irish would be. It also surprised me that the decedents of Germanic people would be all across America, very neat facts.