Monday, September 2, 2013

Why Study History?

Believe it or not I have yet to meet my students, but will finally do so tomorrow and Wednesday (and yes I am excited).   We spend the first day getting to know each other (no rules, threats of state/national exams) as I believe relationships are the most important thing in my class (yes, even more important than technology!).  On the second day I will ask the kids to get in groups and decide why we should study history.  When we are done we will start the John Green clip above at :30 and run it for 2 minutes as it is the best answer I have every heard about why to study history.  Below is a new film by Keith Hughes on what he tells his students.  After all of that then I will finally talk about what we will be learning and the structure of the course. 


Amelie Glenn said...

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Dirk Meissner said...

Why study History? Because you have to understand - for example - the brutality of war to understand your own family. German History-Teacher Frank Salewski finally wrote a new book about this topic and World War II: "Back Home Why?" He is a German Teacher - with an international point of view. Worth reading!

Vetri Vel said...

You must have researched a lot on this topic. Great job done keep posting more..

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