Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two amazing interactive historical atlases

Please take a look right now at two amazing interactive historical atlases created by the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond.
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The first atlas is called American Panorama.  The four interactive maps currently in this series include The Forced Migration of Enslaved People (1810-1860), Canals (1820-1860), The Overland Trails (1840-1860), and Foreign-Born Population (1850-2010).  I'll wait to use the first three until next year (because we have already completed our study of those topics).  But I will definitely use the last map this winter and spring.  As you move the timeline slider on the bottom on that map, you can see how the immigrant population of the United States changed--their nation of origin, how many arrived, and where they settled.

The DSL promises that will be adding more maps to American Panorama.  I can't wait to see the next ones!

The second atlas is called the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States.  DSL took that atlas, which was originally published in 1932, and enhanced it with modern mapping functionality.
Image result for digital scholarship lab university of richmond
This atlas has 38 chapters.  Clicking on any chapter (like Political Parties and Opinions, 1788-1930) takes you to a page to look at geographic and voting data on associated topics (like votes in Congress on the Maysville Road Bill, Compromise of 1850, and Dingley Tariff).

This video explains some of the features DSL built into the enhanced map.
DSL also created two engrossing videos that use maps to describe Richmond and its slave market in 1853 and the fall of Confederate Richmond in 1865.

T/H to @MyHNN for the original post on these atlases.


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